HTML5 is short for Hyper Text Markup Language 5, where the 5 stands for the version number. HTML5 is a programming or markup language. A standard that is used for all kinds of further developments in frameworks and online applications. The arrival of HTML5 made Adobe Flash, JavaFX and Microsoft Silverlight obsolete. Before, all the components had to interact with each other, now with HTML5 just a single language is used.

HTML5 started a revolution on the Internet, mainly because everything is compatible with all browsers, from websites and banners to audio and video. The convenience for the end user has significantly increased. For example, Android and iOS can now utilize the same content instead of having to use their own content.

For most online applications, HTML5 is currently the standard, the language is easy to understand and clear in structure. Also CMS users of, for example, Wordpress and Joomla, can use this language. This makes the development and coding of web pages even more accessible. But also for the more complicated applications such as the AngularJS framework, HTML5 is the basic language.

HTML5 is being applied throughout the web. Therefore, it is recommended to develop websites, apps, or banners in this programming language. Whether this is done through a CMS or through a framework for websites, the standard HTML5 is the best integrated programming language on the web. The same goes for banners, HTML5 banners have extensive features in design and functionalities and are displayed all around.


HTML5 is used for: Websites and web applications, Banners, Sound and Vision.

A website or web application in HTML5 is a must for every company, the website is a major part of any business nowadays. If the website is not communicating properly with the Internet, potential customers will not be able to use it efficiently. HTML5 ensures a strong online foundation, through software and systems, all connected databases and systems can interact with each other.

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