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Building an Android app

Android is an Open Source operating system for mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. The operating system was developed by the company Android that was later taken over by Google. Android is based on the coding languages ​​Linux and Java. Google continues to develop Android, there are different versions which all have a number and a working title. For example, titles such as KitKat, Marshmallow and Nougat have been given to versions.
The Android operating system is now being integrated into the devices by a large number of major brands. Well-known brands are Samsung, Huawei, Sony and LG. The devices are fully controlled by Android, which means that when applications are developed, they are specially built for Android.
Building apps or applications for Android can be done in the Open Source development environment SDK (Software Development Kit) or Android Studio. This is fully accessible to everyone; with a simple download this environment can be used by everyone.

Safe apps with Android
Apps are constantly updated for new versions of Android for security reasons, among other things. In addition, applications are updated to improve user-friendliness, for example, the interface is adjusted, or modules are updated. The version can be read in the app or Google Play Store, where all applications for Android can be found.

An addition to any organization
Android is a strong addition for many companies in the current time. Not so much the operating system itself, but the development of one or more applications. For example, customers can be better served by links with the CRM system. This allows customers to purchase services themselves or make changes via the application. In addition, an Android app is a useful tool for acquiring new customers or consumers.

Developers for the larger applications
Android is an Open Source operating system. This means that in theory anyone can develop an application for Android in Android Studio. This is certainly the case for smaller applications with a few functionalities. If the app requires a larger range of functionalities and a larger interface, specialist knowledge is quickly required. IT professionals with a special Android or Google Developers Certification offer a solution.

The development process
Of course, it is important to ensure that the development process of your Android app runs smoothly. That is why our freelance Android developers support you in every phase of the development of the app. You can always contact the Team Leader who supervises your project, because without good communication a good Android app cannot be built.

Step 1. Functions
First, it is important to clearly state on paper which functions the app should have. This sounds simpler than it is. So, ask yourself: "What problem should the application solve?" Formulate this as concretely as possible to ease the development process. You can also contact our Android developer if any links need to be made with systems and databases.

Step 2. The design
After it has become clear what the purpose of the application is, the design and interface of the Android app can be considered. It will become clear what the app will look like and how it will be designed so that it is easy to use. Our developers will support you in this and provide you with advice. Hence, the different screen sizes of the different devices are considered. This makes the Android app easy to use on both mobile and tablet.

Step 3. Development
Now it is time to start making the Android app. During the entire development process, we will stand for a transparent working method. In this way you are always aware of developments and you gain insight into the progress. You know exactly what is planned and what the next steps will 

Step 4. Maintenance
The Android app is ready, but we are not there yet. It is now important that the app is properly maintained. For example, an outdated app may be less secure. It is also nice for the users if the user-friendliness keeps improving. Therefore, the app must stay up to date. Our Android developer can take on these tasks, he is familiar with the language and the project.

At IT-Button you hire a professional Android developer for only € 25 per hour. This advantageous hourly rate is always fixed, whatever your wishes are. However, the development of an app can take a lot of time, which increases costs. Therefore, work out all processes as well as possible in advance to save as much time as possible. In this way, the costs for the development of your app are kept as low as possible.

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