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Are you looking for an experienced developer for your HTML5 development? Then you have come to the right place at IT-Button. Here you can hire a professional HTML5 builder straight away!

HTML5 is the abbreviation for Hyper Text Markup Language 5, where 5 stands for the version. HTML5 is a coding or markup language. A standard that is used for all kinds of further elaborations in frameworks and other online applications. With the advent of HTML5, Adobe Flash, JavaFX and Microsoft Silverlight became obsolete, where until then all components had to talk to each other, with the arrival of HTML5, writing is done in one language.
HTML5 has revolutionized the internet, so everything is compatible with any browser. From websites and banners to audio and video. Convenience for the end user has thus grown enormously. For example, Android and iOS can use the same content instead of both separate content.
Nowadays HTML5 is used for most online applications, the language is simple and clear in its structure. For example, CMS users of WordPress and Joomla can also use this language. Creating and writing web pages is therefore even more accessible. But HTML5 is also the basis for more complicated applications such as the AngularJS framework.
HTML5 applies all over the internet. The development of websites, apps or banners is therefore recommended in this coding language. Whether this is done for websites based on a CMS or via a framework, the standard HTML5 is best incorporated and integrated into the internet. The same applies to banners, HTML5 banners have extensive possibilities in design and functionalities and are displayed everywhere.

HTML5 is used for: websites and web applications, banners, images, and sound.
A website or web application in HTML5 is a must for any company, the website is a significant part of the business today. If the website does not communicate well with the internet, potential customers cannot make good use of it. HTML5 provides the certainty of a good online basis, through software and systems all connected databases and other links can communicate with each other.

The benefits of IT-Button

    • Dutch guidance with more than 25 years of programming experience
    • We solve the shortage of local developers for you and we can start immediately
    • Always access to the Team Leader, who coordinates your project, since good software can only be built with proper communication.
    • We develop software in any desired coding languageĀ 
    • We always provide software that has been tested and have a large amount of senior programmers who always work agile
    • You will only be charged after you accept our offer. No cost will be charged at forehand
    • By accepting our terms of use we immediately have a confidentiality (NDA) with each other
    • You will do business with a Dutch company and are protected by Dutch law