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Would you like to have an iOS app made, but have no idea where to start? That is completely understandable. iOS is the second largest operating system in use, so developing your own iOS app is also a very smart choice. However, developing such an app is quite complicated for many. Coding languages ‚Äč‚Äčlike Swift and Xcode aren't easy either. Having an iOS app made is often the right choice. With the specialists of you can be sure that your future iOS app will be a success!

What is an iOS app?
An iOS app is suitable for both iPhone and iPad. As you may have guessed, it is an app for Apple products. With an iOS app you can go in many ways. For example, you can develop a mobile game, launch a social platform or add an extra sales channel to your company with the iOS app. Whatever your ultimate goal is, you are always in the right place with an iOS app.

Why building an iOS app?
As mentioned earlier, an iOS app is an app that has been specially developed for Apple products. Apple products have been incredibly popular in the Netherlands for years. In the Netherlands, millions of people have at least one Apple product. With your own iOS app, you can reach these people in an easy way. This target group offers you plenty of opportunities, and we would of course like to help you with that!

How can I build an iOS app?
Good cooperation is crucial to build a good iOS app. That is why we support you in every phase of the development process. Moreover, you always have the option to contact your Team Leader. The development of an iOS app takes place in the following four steps:

Mapping functions
What functions should the app have and what problem should the app solve? These questions are important for the first step. By mapping all functions as concretely as possible, the development process becomes easier. Do you also want to include links with databases and systems in your application? Report this to your iOS app developer.

The design and interface
When all functions and possible links have been properly mapped out, the design and interface of the app can be considered. Our specialists know exactly how an app can be clearly and conveniently arranged so that users can start working with it immediately.

Developing the app
If everything is now clearly on paper, the app can now finally be developed. We use an open method throughout the entire process, so that you are always up to date. You get insight into the progress and you know what is planned at all times.

Maintenance of the app
After development, you might think the app is ready. Yet that is not the case. The maintenance of your new iOS app is just as important as the development of the app itself. For example, an outdated app is less secure and soon has a reduced user experience. That is why it is important that your iOS app is constantly developing. This can sometimes be a very time-consuming process, but don't worry. At you can not only have your iOS app be made, we are also happy to maintain it for you.

What does it cost to have an iOS app made?
Of course, time is also needed to have an iOS app made. How much time is needed exactly depends of course on the complexity of the iOS app to be developed. To save time for the developers, it is important that all processes and the design have already been worked out as well as possible. This means that the developer needs less time to develop your iOS app. The better the description, the better the quotation we can present you. You can already have an iOS app made for a fixed advantageous hourly rate of 25 euros!

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