C# is a scripting language for writing code. C# was developed by Microsoft, thereby responding to other programming languages. C# is used as the main language for the .NET framework, which is a Microsoft product a well. A script in C# is Object-Oriented and can be rendered and loaded at the server-side. All of these features make C# a diverse programming language and allows for a wide range of applications.

As a scripting language, C# is highly similar to Java, as well as in its applications. For example, it is utilized in frameworks of web application, but also for mobile devices. C# is an accessible programming language, with great support from Microsoft itself, and the language has a vast amount of documentation which can be found in libraries and online archives. For developers and web developers this provides an ideal source of information.

Microsoft is a major developer in the field of both web applications and all kinds of devices. The programming language C# is therefore frequently applied. One of the main advantages of programming in C# is the fact that it is Object-Oriented. This allows objects to correspond and operate independently of each other.

C# is regularly applied within companies and businesses, this includes web applications that run on the .NET framework of Microsoft. Mobile devices that utilize Microsoft software also have touchpoints with C#.

When building and writing a new web application in the .NET framework, C# is an important and defining component. Programming these languages is complex and requires inheritance and knowledge. The required knowledge can be obtained through extensive training, professional courses, and higher education. However, for professional development utilizing C#, an IT professional is required. An expert in Microsoft and C# knows how all scripts operate, the programming language, and thereby converts the requirements and demands into a smoothly operating product.

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