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You are looking for an IT-professional who can help you develop your Android app. Android is being used by major manufacturers like Samsung, LG and Huawei, which makes Android a good choice for your app development. Android development requires specific knowledge, which can be obtained by following Google’s special certification program for IT professionals. This Google Developers Certification gives the developers the required knowledge and capabilities to develop applications based on Android. The IT-professionals of possess al the required knowledge. 

 When building an Android app, it can be helpful to write down the desired features and interface design first. When you have written down the core features, the next step is to sketch of the interface. To convert the core features and design to a working app, an experienced Android developer is required. Experienced IT-professionals can build the required links with CMS and/or CRM software/systems. 

 The development of an application for Android can either be simple, or complex. On average, the development of an application takes around 20 to 40 hours. You can already hire your personal IT professional to develop your application for a fixed and affordable hourly rate. By hiring a professional, you will have a smoothly operating app without investing your own precious time.

You will have to keep your Android app up to date, as an outdated version has a negative impact on security. For example, a vulnerability may cost you valuable customer information or other sensitive information. Therefore, it is important that improvements can be implemented where necessary, which is also of crucial importance for the user-friendliness.  


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